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Welcome to Rogaria!

Rogaria is a High Fantasy Campaign Larp.

Our inspiration comes from many different sources, ranging from Arabian, Moroccan, Persian and Mongolian cultures, over nomadic tribes and even touches of all of the 1001 Nights stories.

We aim at creating a setting in which all participants can co-create their story, a story in which overcoming personal challenges is combined with an ever present danger to the world with multiple different societies and races that all want to live and thrive. Conflicts are part of life and will have to be resolved either through diplomacy or, if that fails, with weapons.

Special Thanks to:

  • Steven Dewitte

    • For providing all of the pictures used throughout the website. He is an awesome photographer with many years of experience in documenting all types of LARP. Find more of his work on his Instagram.​

  • Martijn Kruining

    • For inspiring me to step above and beyond my larping comfort zone and for providing me with a vision on what a larp website in Belgium could be like. For more on his own latest creation, look here at the Angst Larp.

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